CELTA Interview Teaching Task – Descriptive Writing

Today I had a sucessful interview for the Cambridge Celta course which I hope to start in May.

As part of the interview we were asked to complete a 5 minute micro teach on a subject of our choice. Last week, as part of my PGCE, I was shown a really good lesson idea for descriptive writing and as I’ve been dying to try it out I decided to explain the idea as part of the micro teach.

Here’s the idea:

  1. Each student is given a postcard which they’re not allowed to show the rest of the class. (As the micro teach was a surprise I didn’t have any postcards  so I improvised and tore pictures from the Metro newspaper).
  2. Once the students have a postcard each they  write down 10 words related to it.
  3. Still without show the image to their class mates, the students swap their words with their partner. Using the word list each student creates a short piece of descriptive writing. This could be a story, a poem or a letter etc.
  4. Once complete the students then read aloud their pieces of writing and reveal their postcards to their partners.
  5. They then discuss the similarities and differences of the piece of writing and the postcard.

An extension activity could then be to write the next chapter of the story or to write another piece of descriptive writing inspired by the imagery on their postcards.

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