Super Teacher Worksheets and Compound Words

Super Teacher Worksheets is a free, printable resource website containing literacy and maths resources.

Using the compounds words resources I have developed a E3 Functional Skills lesson plan:

Compound Words

  • Warmer-Word Match

In pairs the learners put two words together to create a new (compound) word.

Introduce compound words to the learners – give a few examples of compound words, then get students to guess

the ending  to a few common compound words.

  • Activity 1 – Compound Worksheet A-L and Compound Worksheet M-Z (Each student is given the opposite worksheet to the person sat next to them in order to prevent copying)
  • Activity 2 – Compound Worksheet (Pick the correct word ending)
  • Activity 3 – Compound Word Practice ( A mixture of circling and gap fill activities to summarise learning)
  • End Activity – Catch Phrase (In teams and taking it in turns the learners compete against each other to guess the catch phrase

Click on the links below to access the lesson resources:

Compound Words PPT

Word Match


Compound M-Z

Compound Words

Compound Words Practice

Catch Phrase Interactive Quiz

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