Crooked Brains

Crooked Brain is a creative and funny photo based blog .

Previous posts include Artwork with Eggshells, Vegetable Art, 14 Creative and Cool Lampshade Designs and Cardboard Furniture.

Below are a few ideas for how you could use the photos with your class;

Unicorn Egg Art

*Some of the pictures could be used as a starting point for a story.

*Students could describe what happened next.










Sunrise Lampshade: "The 'Solarise' lampshade depicts a subtle image of the London skyline and mimics the effect of the sun rising. As the sky gets brighter, the skyline appears as one of the most attractive views and symbolic images of a city."

*Ask the students to imagine that they have to sell something shown in the photographs. How would they describe it? How would they persuade people to buy it?









*Ask your class to create their own versions of the objects.

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