24 Hours in Pictures

Every day the Guardian newspaper run a feature called 24 hours in pictures. As part of this feature  they publish a collection of around fifteen recent images. This includes pictures from current global events, as well as other notable images.

24/03/2011 - Beijing, China: A man smokes in his car. China will ban smoking in all indoor public places from May

This feature is a fantastic resource and can be used in a variety of ways including:

  • As a discussion starter – Why do people smoke?
  • To spark debate – Should the United Nations be involved in the conflict in Libya?
  • As a way of discussing emotions – How would you feel if you were imprisoned for voicing your opinion
  • As a way of introducing politics into a lesson – What impact has the smoking ban had in England? Will the ban have the same effects in China?
  • As a guessing game – Print off all 15 pictures. In groups the students decide what month/year the photographs were taken and the news events that they are depicting
  • My favourite – Present the students with a selection of images. The students pick their favourite and discuss why they have picked that particular image.

Here’s a selection of the images published on the 7th April 2011.

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