An iPod based maths lesson. (Including work on 2d and 3d shapes, measurements, area, perimeter and nets)

This lesson has been created for a level 1 Functional Skills maths class.

The following ideas are for a design based lesson that uses pretend iPod headphone packaging as a tool for reinforcing learning on shapes, measurements, area and perimeter. The lesson involves students measuring various shaped packaging, recording the data and then designing and creating their own packaging.

For this lesson you will need:

1 pyramid box, 1 cuboid box and 1 hexagon box for every two students.
Pens and pencils
Nets for pyramid, cuboid and hexagon boxes
Various logos (suitable for iPhone headphone packaging)
Worksheets (iPod Worksheet 1, iPod Worksheet 2, iPod Worksheet 3)

  1. Start the lesson by revising the names of 2d and 3d shapes and the definitions and formulas for working out length, width, perimeter and area.
  2. Reveal the different shaped packaging and illicit ideas from the students with regards to the lesson objective.
  3. Either introduce the lesson objectives yourself or alternatively a fun way to introduce the lesson would be via an ‘Apprentice’ style video clip. For the extra wow factor you might want to collaborate with one of your colleagues and film them playing the Alan Sugar style presenter.                                                                                                                                                    Using one of the groups other teachers can add an extra wow factor and make the lesson a lot more interesting for the students.
  4. Once the students have been introduced to the task present them with worksheet 1.               
    Tip: To add a competitive element to the lesson you could hold a competition for the best packaging with the learners voting for the winning entries. 
  5. Once the students have completed the worksheet and packaging it is now time to move on to worksheet 2. Worksheet  2 is designed to test the student’s knowledge.
  6. Worksheet 3 is an evaluation sheets where the students comment on what went well, what was difficult and what they’d do differently in the future.

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