My favourite piece of kit

Post-it notes.

Post-it notes are one of the cheapest, most colourful and useful pieces of teaching kit that I own. You can write on them, leave them blank, stick them to walls, floors, pieces of paper… Their uses are varied and plentiful. Post-it notes are also a fantastic tool for creating kinesthetic activities as the tutor or students could write words on the post-it notes then move them around to create sentences, questions, statements or stories etc

I  have found post it notes to be an  invaluable tool especially when I’ve needed to create fun and interactive resources against a restrictive time frame.

Recently, as part of a lesson on interview techniques to L1 and L2 learners, I used  post it notes as a way of challenging the learners to create answers to interview questions by moving the words around to create new sentences which formed model answers to the interview questions.


To extend the life of the resource, photocopy the sheet once the post-it notes have been jumbled up and laminate the photocopy. Then the students can cross words off once they’ve been used and the resource will last much longer than the individual post-it notes will.

I originally jumbled up all of the words up on the page but my learners found this to be extremely challenging therefore it is more effective to group the post-it notes by questions.

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