Paper Bridges and Egg Drops

I’ve just merged two separate classes together. Therefore I decided to spend some time last week fostering group cohesion by running two team building sessions.

The first session was an adaptation of Mister Mike’s ‘Newspaper Bridges’. I started the lesson by discussing the effects being part/or not being part of a team can have in the workplace. I then related this to the effects that not working as a team/working as a team can have in the classroom, then I introduced the team building task. The students were put into pairs and then told that the bridges they were about to build would need to be wide enough to roll a football under, strongenough to hold a dictionary and would need to be free standing, therefore theycouldn’t be sellotaped to the floor or supported by human strength. The only materials that the students could use were newspaper and sellotape. In order to get ideas for their own structures the students spent a few minutes in groups looking at pictures of world famous bridges. We then discussed the pictures as a class and looked at common traits amongst the different structures. The students then had five minutes planning time before starting to make their own newspaper bridge.

Below are a few photographs from the session:

The second team building challenge was to build a basket that could enable an egg to be dropped from 8ft off the ground without breaking. Each group was given one egg, a piece of card, string, balloons and sellotape; they were also allowed to use anything that they found within the room.

Despite each group putting in loads of effort no groups egg survived the drop

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