Strategies for mental multiplication

Today I taught a really successful 3 hour lesson on strategies for working out mental multiplication. Here’s how it went:

1.Ss fill in a blank 0 -12 times table grid. This is then used throughout the lesson as a reference sheet.

2.Ss then fill in the jumbled up grid at the bottom of the worksheet

3.Card match activity. Give each student a set of cards matched to their ability level. Ss then match the sum e.g 6 x 6 with the answer, 36

4.Discuss how people use a variety of ways for working out mental multiplication e.g counting up on their fingers, a times table grid, long multiplication etc

5.Split the class into pairs/small groups. Give each group a different strategy to research and present to the class. Strategies could include; traditional/long multiplication, grid method, lattice method, finger tricks.

6.Ss present their findings and explain how to use the method to the rest of the class. (My students really didn’t want to have to get up and speak in front of the rest of the class so instead they created A1 size posters and the students moved around the class looking at them whilst I explained the content)

7.Ss complete a worksheet for each of the following methods: grid, lattice and traditional/long




8.Ss complete a variety of mental multiplication based worksheets

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