Mind Maps

Tony Buzzan

Mind Mapping is a simple and highly effective way to develop ideas and improve knowledge retention.Tony Buzzan first developed this thinking tool in the 1974 although it has only recently become a popular aid for dyslexics .

In the first video below Tony Buzzan explains the origins for this technique whilst the following video explains how  you can use the technique.

Knowledge retention

Mind mapping helps dyslexics to retain infomation as the maps makes use of images, colour, shape, size and symbols, mapping out information in a way that is easier for the learner to comprehend.

A dyslexia tutor recommended the following system:

  1. The ss  creates a simple mind map at the end of the lesson
  2. The following day the ss returns to the mind map, re-reads it and colour codes the infomation
  3. A week later the ss returns to the mind map and re-reads it

Returning to the mind map in this way helps encourages the infomation to be stored in the role term memory.

There is an interesting article about this by BBC News.

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