Multimedia and E-learning Teach Meets

As part of my MSc  I attended two Teach Meet* style sessions that were based on using technology in the classroom. During these sessions fellow educators shared ideas and resources, most of which were free. Pasted below is a list of the technologies that were demonstrated. The list has been adapted  from the MSc blog.

*Teach Meets are held regularly across the country and are events where teachers share ides with fellow teachers.


Make animations to a script that you write.  Similar to Xtranormal Can be used as an assessment tool. For example after a numeracy session on mean students could be asked to create an animation explaining how to work out the mean average of a set of data


Web based presentation software which zooms around as you run the presentation. Can be used as an alternative to PPT.

Line o it:

A web tool which enables you to use sticky notes. Can be used as an assessment/evaluation tool as the teacher can post questions and the students then write their answers on sticky notes and stick them to that  sessions electronic noticeboard. Similar to wallwisher


A free screen capture tool. Could be used to create help videos or instructional guides. Similar to Jing


Similar to but easier to use. Plant a question, grow the answer. The teacher writes a question, the students access the url address and post a one-word  answer. Could be used as a way of collecting feedback.


Handheld classroom response/quiz system allowing for a variety of answers. (True/false, sort in order, free text, free numerical, multiple choice, likert scale) Can also use self-paced learning.

Hot potatoes:

Create a variety of worksheets/resources using an on-line wizard. Includes options for creating crosswords, gap fill exercises and multiple choice quizzes.

Text Wall:

The teacher sets a question, then the pupils  send in messages which can be displayed in various ways. Again, can be used as an assessment/evaluation tool.


Contains 23 whiteboard resources that can be edited, adapted, saved and shared. Includes quizzes, games, timers and student generators.


Online repository for book-marking websites. Favourites only stored in one place – this allows you to access it from a cloud. Add digolet to your toolbar and it will save sites, annotations.

Jing: Screencapture software

Can be used for creating 0n-line tutorials explaining how to use a certain software or resources.

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