My learners are often drained towards the end of a lesson therefore I’ve started using quizzes as a fun way to bring all of my students together at the end of the session.

Quiz rounds have included sport, guess the chocolate bar (using pics of cross sections of chocolate bars as clues), true or false, general knowledge and guess the musical intro. To make the activity student centred and to cut down on my planning time, I’ve encouraged ss to write their own questions. These have then been used in the following weeks quizzes. The ss love this as they are able to guarantee that the questions are focused on their own areas of interest and they are more likely to score high in these rounds.

YouTube is also a fantastic resource for finding ready-made quiz rounds. I recently used the ‘Guess the 90s Kids TV Themes’ but there are a wide variety of resources available including the ‘Top 10 Movie Soundtracks of All Time’.