Resource Websites


Fotopedia – Photo Encyclopedia

Shahi – Visual Dictionary combining Wiktionary with Flickr Images

 On Line Etymology Dictionary Explanations of what our words mean and how they sounded hundreds and thousands of years ago.


Ship or Sheep – English language pronunciation practice with minimal pairs

Sound Comparisons – Accents of English from Around the World

Oddcast As well as providing a written translation the animated character also reads the translated text out aloud.

Smories – Stories for children read by children

Loud Lit – Read and listen to famous literature

Video Based Resources

Lesson Stream Video based lessons and lesson plans

Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources

Five Card Flickr – Story generator

ELT Pics – A database of photographs for teachers taken by teachers

Learning EnglishESOL resources from the BBC

Learn English Resources from the British Council

Numeracy World – Maths worksheets

SEN Teacher – Literacy and maths resources designed for pupils with special needs

Skillswise – Literacy and maths resources, aimed at adult students, devised by the BBC

Skills Workshop – Lesson plans and resources

Super Teacher Worksheets – ESOL, literacy, maths and science resources

Talent – Lesson plans, resources and advice on Initial Teacher Training and Continuing Professional Development

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